As already established, behavior must be observable and measurable. It will help us identify how often behaviors are occurring and when behavioral interventions are assisting with student progress. It gives us accountability with what we are doing to change behavior. Again, we must be as specific as possible. At times we will look at three different terms: (A)ntecedent, (B)ehavior, and (C)onsequence. An antecedent is the trigger- it is what happens right before the behavior and a consequence is what happens right after the behavior. A consequence may be with the student, teacher, peers, and/or classroom environment.

ABC forms:
This is a great start to any true data collection. It will give invaluable information to why the behavior is occurring.

Variety of other forms:
Discuss measuring frequency, duration, latency, etc. These references have directions for appropriate use.

Behavior Instruction Worksheets (Problem Identification, Intervention, Progress Monitoring)

Blank Forms