Welcome! The Special Populations team is very excited to roll out this new feature in EdPlan. Some expected benefits to completing behavior plans via EdPlan will be increased consistency, efficiency and most importantly, utility... Sounds similar to QFIC right?? This page will be a forum where all behavior consultants will post Q & A they field pertaining to the new BehaviorPlus tab. If you do not see the answer to your question below, please email your behavior consultant. For the sake of correct information, only behavior consultants and coordinators will be able to post the Q & A.

1. Whose behavior plans will be completed in EdPlan?
ONLY those students with an IEP will have their behavior plans (PBP and FBA) completed in EdPlan. Gen ed students and those served on a 504 Plan will continue to use the Word documents that the district has adopted.

2. How will the shift from the Word document to the EdPlan take place throughout 2017-18?
All new PBPs and FBA/BIPs will be completed in the Behavior Plus tab. As existing plans come up for review, they will need to be transitioned. Teams will NOT have to create new indirect and direct assessments for those FBA/BIPs that are already in place. Just note that it is a transfer and the date of the original in the "Additional Comments" section. All transferred PBPs and FBAs WILL need appropriate monitoring plans.