Specific strategy: Relationship Building

Essential in any classroom is the relationship that you, as the teacher, have with each of your students.
Cues to building a relationship with students.
  • ›Keep interactions positive: Use appropriate tone, be aware of verbal and nonverbal cues.
  • ›Use “I”- this is vital, while creating relationships with students, they need to know YOU care. Encourage students to take ownership of themselves by modeling that for them. [Example: “I am proud of you when…” “It makes me sad when you…”]
  • ›Get to know your students (find out their interests, hobbies, etc.
  • ›Build relationships on good days in order to have them be beneficial on difficult days.
  • ›Too often, we, as teachers only interact with difficult students when there is a disruption and not beforehand.
  • ›Listen to Students- students want to express themselves. Let them, but teach them how to do it appropriately.

One idea for building rapport with students is a 2x10. A 2x10 is a method of taking two minutes each school day for ten consecutive school days, in which you will talk to the student about anything BUT behavior AND school.